How to Write an eBook?

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Our eBook website/ is here to offer the most effective self-Publishing steps. The tools we offer here will not only help you to learn how to write an eBook and make profit of it, but it will also cover everything you need to know about self-publishing. Such tools include; Video; Audio, Writing, Photographs. ‘Write an eBook AZ’ is a condensed guide, focusing on giving individuals the right tools for them to be able to understand in a bigger perspective, the entire digital self-publishing industry, starting from scratch to the end. That is, ‘from A to Z’!

Now, let’s learn how to write an eBook

Get an Idea

Before you begin writing your eBook, you need to have an idea. Idea is the seed. From where your book grows, coming up with the concept can, however, be difficult. Ideas will come when you open yourself to more experiences. So, the best way to get some idea for a book is to go out and do things by oneself. Yes, starting concepts can take many forms. But you should have an idea for the general plot; you can have an image of an environment, an outline for the main character, or even smaller, less developed ideas. It does not matter how rough it is; any idea can turn into a magnificent book.

If you want to learn how to write an eBook about mechanic, great-grandma recipes, love poems or any kind of specialization, you have it and it would be your main idea! What can you write about? Anything! The goal to write an eBook can be a form of venting ideas out (We all need to express ourselves) or to teach something that we know. In a common language, we called this to create an information product and make it profitable if that is the case. Some people love writing and they are willing to learn how to write an eBook even though they have no intentions on making money out of it. However, that is okay.

Preview/Guidelines for writing a Successful and Quality/Enriched eBook

Decide On the Niche

One of the biggest mistakes new writers make when starting an eBook is thinking too broadly. This is overwhelming and juxtaposing one’s mind with too many thoughts. So, try to narrow them down to 2 or 3 niches. Another thing to think about is the fact that oftentimes, one extensive idea or enthusiasm can lead to quite a few eBooks – you have a better chance of making profit from 3 shorter and more targeted eBooks in interrelated subjects than a titanic one trying to cover everything. Take us for example; we created Write an eBook AZ’ short with 6 other useful guides to make it dynamic and convenience.

Obviously, there are many niches to write about. However, there are niches that are very competitive.  You may do some research to discover some questions people are really seeking answers to. Try; I mean that you do not need to write on the niche that other high eBook sellers are writing.  You do not know if writing on the niche that is not ranked high will automatically catapult the niche to a higher rank. You could be the very writer that niche needs to take higher; just believe in yourself.

Deciding on the niche means a lot

1. You must consider your Targeted Audience-. Before deciding on the niche, you should consider the audience you wish to sell your book to; I believe you will not want to write on a niche that deals with the aged or niche that deals with the illiterates who cannot or may not come across your work online for a long period of time. Remember that whatever you intend to write about should be able to proffer solutions to the problems of your audience. So, choose your audience rightly. Check our free guide; Maximize Your Website Visibility book to learn how to find profitable/targeted keywords and start building your new book around them. Even if you know what niche you want to write about, it’s always good to have an idea of what people is searching/looking for.

2. Choose a Niche you are good at– This is where numerous writers fail. They want to go for niches they feel will sell more. However, I am not implying that this is wrong but it will be better if you offer what you are good at. Remember, “You cannot give what you do not have.” Even if you are an expert at any field, you still need to know how people are looking at the kind of offer you will like to share/teach. So, wrap your digital product according to your audience’s behavior.

Do Proper Research on the Niche

Do not just start writing with the hope of getting noticed. Just do a proper research.  And if you are to storm the market, then you should ensure that your eBook is irresistible.  This does not come easy. You must put in time and lots of thinking and do proper research on the niche you want to write on. You also need to acquire all the necessary information you need to get and never get tired of researching. Most importantly, do not over-work yourself, you might just get confused and forget where you started.

Do not forget that the importance of research cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, the rationale of niche research is to find out the needs, hurt points, hindrances, and aspirations of your desired audience. So, you must do a proper research.


Once you have a vague or a good idea about your concept, start researching to get more ideas. For example, you want to write a book about kids playing a futuristic video game. Do some research by going to arcades, reading up on the latest game innovations, and playing some games yourself. In doing these activities, you may see or experience things which give you ideas for what the story can be about or could be included in a story. Maybe, you know exactly what you want to write about and you need to create a ‘How-To Write book’ Whether it is a simple thought, a poem, you may have the cure for a estrange disease, you may be an awesome chef and want to show your recipes to the world. Whatever it is? You are on your way to start creating something that’s going to remain in this world for years. At the end, it doesn’t really mean that you must feel more comfortable for you to express what you have. It can be a video; maybe you are not good at writing but you have the charisma to create videos. Maybe you want to learn how to write an eBook and not necessarily to make money of it. Or you are a great photographer and that’s how you will like to express yourself. Write an eBook AZ’ is here to help you. Writing or expressing your self is not a 7 day thing! Most of the people who sell something always use the extraordinary marketing phrase that promises you how fast or how easy your concern will be solved. Writing a book is a lifetime journey. You can have an eBook done from A to Z in a three month period but you will always go back to it and modify or update your content. If it is a video, you must always go back to create new videos and so on. For your information, we have been writing for over 10 years; commercialized for over 5 years, written an ‘eBook AZ’ as well as the other six complementary guides which weren’t just created in 7 days. It took as years, but now they are here at your disposition.  

Choose a Title

This is the major selling point considering the fact that this is the first information about your eBook that people will first read. It must be captivating, breath taking and it must be able to pierce through everyone’s mind at first glancing.  Ensure that your title is not deceptive; I mean that the title should be relevant to the book content. Some writers use captivating titles that have no relevance with the contents and get their customers disappointed at the later end. Meanwhile, this might be your first book but in actual sense, it may not be your last. Again,, every client is very important. Everyone therefore, should see you as an excellent and sincere writer.  Furthermore, there are some hints in choosing a title. You must let your title be a semi-summary of your work. It does not need to be long but short and accurately consistent with the contents.  Title is very essential in making something reverberate in the online market. With the enormous number of eBooks flooding the industry nowadays, making your book stand out requires good writing skills. In addition to that, the title should be constructed appropriately, or else, people may not be curios in the material.

However, some writers opine that choosing a title should be after you must have written the contents. Well, I am not entirely condemning that approach but I do feel that choosing a title before writing the content will give you concentration. You will have a focus and a reference point because as a human being, you may at one point loose grip of the topic you are writing about after several days, due to excessive thinking and researching. This is really where the title will help to keep you on track.

Write Inimitable or Unique Contents

This is the hard part, the part that seems cumbersome. To achieve this, you just need to be real.  That is why I will always prefer writing about things I am experienced with; things that I have passed through in life, problems I encountered and solved.  Please, do not limit yourself and do not underrate the ideas you have. Try to put them out in white and black.  Your eBook should have that inspirational push element; that little thing that will push someone to try the ideas you have given. It is that extra fire and enthusiasm you will use to adopt your solutions.

Detect and Carefully Analyze the Problem

When you’re looking for a niche, it’s best to choose one that does not only has problems, but is frantic for solutions to those problems. It must be the one that people are still struggling to get solution to.  Then, carefully do a research on the niche problem, the cause of the problems and carefully analyze the factors instigating the problems. This is a way of showing your audience that you fully understand the niche.  Give them an image of a very informative writer. Of course, you should ensure you have acquired adequate information on a particular topic before you embark on writing an eBook.

Speak to them in their Own Language

You must make your audience believe and feel that you are on their side. You must gain their trust. You must also make them believe that you feel their problem; that you have been through it and you understand the situation they are facing. This is a way of making them trust your solution.  You cannot just come up with a “Guideline to Managing Stubborn Kids” when you have not had kids before and probably do not understand the pains of a kid being stubborn and obstinate.  You must obtain their trust by showing them that you understand the pains and trauma of having such kids. This will not only make them trust you, it will also make them relax and go through your work.

Write down Every Idea

Funny and yet, the truth is that most of the best ideas we have may come when we are not actually writing; probably you are sitting out there with friends or somewhere and thinking a bit or something just happened there that is relevant to your eBook topic, there and then it crosses your mind and you might just want to write it down. This is cool.  Ensure your gather these pieces together as they will help you create unique contents.

Do not Use the Fire Brigade Approach

This is my way of saying you should not rush. Do not be in a haste to publish your work. This also does not mean you should be snail-like.  Be moderate, give yourself time to think, time to research and time to write.

Proof Read and proof read

Try as much as possible to give yourself time to proofread your work. Get rid of unnecessary repetitions and boring sentences.  Your work should always be motivating, inspiring and positive.  If you have people you can trust around you, ensure to give them to proof read too because no man is an epitome of knowledge.

Henry Ford didn’t build his empire by himself; he was surrounded by people who he considered were smarter than him, and would help him take his business to the next level. This specific situation ended the paradigm across the society; though as professional, you are expected to have knowledge in everything. Not anymore! This is an amazing age when we do our parts (What we are good at) and hire professionals/people in different fields to help us correct our mistakes and save us lots of time.

According to C.K. MacLeod and Carla Douglas, “How to Proof Read an eBook,” Every time someone opens your book file—you, your copyeditor, the formatter or book designer, or your keyboard-curious cat—an error can potentially be introduced!

When you proofread, you are checking for potential spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors. These offer you the opportunity to correct them; you can use software to check for these errors online.

Your writing deserves deference from the beginning to the end. So, try and write it the best way you can. Meanwhile, every possible editorial help is valuable. No matter the circumstances, ensure you package the product as best as you can. Even if you are on a very stiff budget and are doing most of the production work yourself, that’s still no excuse for slapdash book.

Use Cool Images, Meaningful images!

Make sure you use relevant images either in illustration or the cover and be aware that you are trying to break into a broad market and as such, you must make/utilize every available arsenal in your disposal in order to achieve this. Very importantly, do not use people’s images and be as unique as you can be.

Claim your 10 free images here!

Find the perfect pictures for your words; endeavor to crop out extraneous parts of the images.  Use colorful images but also ensure that they have downloadable sizes. There is nothing as annoying as someone buying an E-Book he or she cannot download.  So, at every point, ensure that your book is downloadable and not just to select group of people but a larger audience category.

Use only JPEG or PNG image formats and do not use any other format except these two. Get more Photoshop ideas and become an expert handling your own set of pictures.

Thank you for reading the steps on how to turn your passion into profit reality. If you think this information can helps others, please feel free to share or tag a friend that may need it.

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