Turn Your Passion Into Profit Reality!

  • From Zero to Hero!

    From Zero to Hero!

    This is an A-Z guide that will help you to create any digital content; Written (books, eBooks, Manuals, How-to guides), Video, Audio or Photography Digital Products.

  • Tell Your Story!

    Tell Your Story!

    You do not need to be a professional; all you need is to be willing to show others what you are good at, and start building your brand after that!

  • Go Simple, Go Fast!

    Go Simple, Go Fast!

    Format your eBook in order to be approved by the major retail stores on the planet, and introduce your message to the entire world in a few days!

  • Have Full Control of Your Products!

    Have Full Control of Your Products!

    Save the hassle that's involved when hiring a person you've never meet before to format your eBook by learning how to format it yourself. Avoid headaches when dealing with poor services.

  • Collect Royalties From Your Hard Work!

    Collect Royalties From Your Hard Work!

    Earn extra income from doing what you are good at by creating digital products to teach others and wisely invest your valuable time!

  • Save Money, Build Your Business!

    Save Money, Build Your Business!

    In business, it is easy to spend money, and it is hard to spend it wisely. Save money by learning how to edit your digital products by yourself.

A Little About Me!

Write an eBook AZ BM

Hi, I’m Bán Markus, and for the last 7 years, I have been earning a living working as an entrepreneur (I work as a freelancer, self-publisher, and tutoring). I’m an ESL teacher who possesses great traits of creativity and imagination. I’m also a physical product developer, writer/self-publisher, chef and a passionate photographer. This is what I do on a daily basis. These are my case studies, and like you, I started in the loneliness of my home office – without money, without any knowledge, but with a burning desire to succeed.

I work from home and love spending quality time with my family. I love watching my kiddos as they play and grow up, and I get involved as much as I can in their daily routines. I strive to be a good husband, good father, good son, good brother, a good friend and good entrepreneur.

My second love is my business. Write an eBook AZ and Complementary Guides were created with the help of an amazing group of individuals that shared the same passion. Write an eBook AZ is a guide that will teach in detail the three major components to self-publishing an eBook and these includes: how to write an eBook, how to format an eBook and lastly, how to sell an eBook.

I know many of you are not good at writing or perhaps, writing is something that’s not in your DNA, and this is why we have also covered Video, Audio, Written and Photography product creation within Write an eBook AZ and complementary guides.

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What Exactly is Write an eBook AZ?

Write an eBook AZ 2017 Logo

Write an eBook AZ is an eBook that will teach you how you can create your eBook or any other type of digital product. Our mission is to show you a world of possibilities when it comes to self-publishing your digital content, taking advantage of the network that allows you to connect instantly with a local or worldwide audience with ease.

Have you ever been in a situation where you get excited and want to talk to everyone about something new you have learned and then it feels like nobody cares?

Well, those awkward moments are gone! Someone, somewhere in the world wants to hear and learn from you.

Your knowledge becomes useful only when you share it!

Write an eBook AZ 2017 Cover G

(100 Pages, Read it in 5 days!)

Best Self-Publishing Strategies!

With our system, you’ll be learning the most important online business strategies that big company names are using to promote their products or services, to put their brand names on the top and remain to be their customers’ first choice.

Write an eBook AZ best self-publishing strategies

At Write an eBook AZ, we want you to succeed; our talented and qualified team has put together the best components in digital self-publishing and will put the tools for success directly into your hands.

Write an eBook AZ Green Checkmark  FACEBOOK MASTER

Write an eBook AZ Facebook Master

(Less than 50 pages, Read it in 2 days!)

When it comes to setting up of Facebook campaigns nothing can be more frustrated than checking your ads statics and find out 0 Conversions. To learn more about how to optimize your Fan-Page to its higher performance and what are the steps to run effective Facebook ads you have two choices:

Number one is to hire Mister Adsassin, The #1 Ads Guru, or The Ads Dominator that will charge 2,000 bucks for its course.

Number two; make use of Facebook Master (Included with your Write an eBook AZ) that’s going to tell you the same techniques that your pricey “GURU” will.

Write an eBook AZ Green Checkmark  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS

Youtube Video Ideas

(Less than 30 pages, Read it in 1 day!)

Learn How to Set Up a Successful Youtube Channel and Send That Traffic to Your Offer!


Maximize your website visibility 3D

(45 pages, Read it in 2 days!)

How to Find Profitable SEO Keywords: A Complete Guide!

Write an eBook AZ Green Checkmark  TRAFFIC SOURCES!

Write an eBook AZ Organic Traffic Sources

Combine them all to create a tsunami of traffic flowing into your website day after day!

"Give us a try. Join our growing community and feel the amazing satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are investing your valuable time wisely and generating great impact on people's life."
Bán Markus

Check out what few of our many happy “Write an eBook AZ” readers have to say!

I am a professional pastry chef with over 6 years of experience in the industry. I wanted to share my knowledge with others by creating videos showing everything about it, but I didn’t have a clue on where to start. When I was looking for a guide on how to create videos, I came across to write an eBook. At first, I wasn't interested in getting this book, but then I realized they were offering an awesome book about Facebook fan-pages for free, and I decided to grab it right away. I followed the step by step instructions on it and created my own video youtube channel with minimum hassle. All the instructions were written in simple language and I did not have to face any hassle when going through them. I am highly impressed with write an eBook AZ offer because it helped me to create my own youtube channel on pastry baking and share my knowledge with others. Thank you guys!
I wanted to start publishing eBooks with my programming experiences, teaching people around the World how to improve their skills in various coding languages as well as be able to start out as total newbies with no previous experience, but I did not have a good knowledge on how to write an eBook or how to promote it?! It felt especially intimidating since English is my 3rd language (out of 6 languages). Write an eBook AZ helped me overcome my fears of publishing and it assisted me to enhance my knowledge on eBook promoting. I got to know about the specific way to increase sales using Facebook Ads. Instant traffic and as much as I want, when I want. No more need to wait for traffic using old school SEO techniques which sadly at least for me has taken half an eternity to see any results from. Facebook Ads cured that. I'm currently on my way to create a YouTube channel following their suggestions to publish my own videos. What I learned from them was very useful. It helped me to boost service sales immensely and to build a list of paying customers in my niche. I highly recommend writing an eBook AZ to everyone who is interested in creating his/her own digital product without any previous experience in digital self-publishing topics at all. If I can do it - so can you! This book is hands on and easy to follow thanks to its step-by-step lessons. Write an eBook AZ Rocks!!! It earned its 5 stars. Marko
I have been working on my eBook throughout the past 10 months, but I could not get it approved on Smashwords store. They said, my book cannot be approved since it is not formatted according to their standards. I was frustrated with this comment and I was looking for a way to format my eBook according to the accepted standards. That’s where I came across to this amazing write an eBook AZ guide. I followed the instructions on it and I was able to format my eBook faster than I could think of. Then I got the opportunity to publish my eBook for sell. I love you guys for showing me how easy it was!

Thank you for reading the steps on how to turn your passion into profit reality. If you think this information can helps others, please feel free to share or tag a friend that may need it.

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